Have you thought about selling on Facebook MarketPlace or in Facebook Groups? They are a great place to find customers for your stuff that is laying around the house.

Like selling on Craigslist, you do not have to pay a fee to sell in these types of forums. Unlike Craigslist, you can check out potential buyers by first looking at their profiles on Facebook.

Your listings can be posted in your timeline at your choosing, letting Facebook friends see what you have for sale. However, not all your friends will see your listings as Facebook gives you a percentage of views based on your interaction with others.

Selling on Facebook MarketPlace with Photos

Facebook Marketplace uses visually driven listings instead of words to show what is available. Having great pictures is paramount to getting interested in your items. Bad pictures will keep viewers from seeing your advertisement.

I can’t stress having a great photo is paramount to attracting the right kind of attention for your listing, and the traffic will subside due to new items added to the Marketplace.

Having a detailed listing will help qualify your buyers when selling on Facebook Marketplace. You don’t want to have to answer a bunch of questions from people who are interested in buying so give them as much detail as possible.

Meeting Buyers – Selling on Facebook Marketplace

Be careful when meeting purchasers of items selling on Facebook Marketplace. Look at their listing, so you know who they are before you meet them. Make sure you get their telephone number. Meet them in a well-trafficked location when possible, and have a conversation with them before arranging to meet. You will be able to get comfortable with who you are going to meet before you meet.

I typically meet up at a Casey’s General Store that is well lit and has several other people around.

The good news is you can pretty much verify the buyer through their profile, so you are not likely to find someone who will float counterfeit money, and as I have said before, always do cash when handling these types of transactions.

I would take a check if we met at the buyer's bank and the bank will cash the check on site. I will never accept checks with the intention of depositing into my account, even if I know the person. Avoid cashiers checks as well, unless you are receiving it as their bank and they will cash it on site.

Selling on Facebook Marketplace extends to groups

There are local groups that also allow you to offer your goods for sale. The groups were launched before Facebook Marketplace and are a great source to sell your items. Facebook Marketplace Groups are made up of people who have something in common with you and usually require another group member to permit buyers and sellers wanting to join.

Facebook classifieds limit your listing to 10 groups. If you want to advertise in more than ten groups, you may have to make a separate listing and select additional groups.

Have fun purging your access items in the Facebook Marketplace and always read the rules for selling in particular groups. You want to ensure that you have a great relationship with everyone involved.