Disha Shidham is the young woman who launched Savy originally as TacBoard at the MIT Launch Summer Program. Disha pitched her business model to Shark Tank in Season 9 to the Sharks. Will she receive investment dollars into her company? Savy looks like an interesting concept especially for Daymond John, but will he bite on this deal?

Savy in MIT Launch Program as TacBoard

The MIT Launch program known as Launch X is an entrepreneurship program for high school students. Disha is focusing on Savy before heading to college after finding success with the MIT Program.

Columbus based Rev1 Ventures works with Disha on her company formerly known as TacBoard and now known as Savy.

Season: 9 Episode 917
First Run: 2018/1/21
Shark: Daymond John, Robert Herjavec, Mark Cuban, Lori Greiner, Kevin O'Leary
Company: Savy
Entrepreneur: Disha Shidham
Ask: $k for % equity

Disha noticed her friend bookmarking items on the Nordstrom website so that she could price shop them. That gave her the idea to put together a site that inputted apparel items and prices that they want. The program then monitors the prices and notifies the user when the apparel drops to the price they can pay.

Savy is a Priceline type company for Fashion

Her company appears to be a Priceline type business for the fashion industry. Readers select items from her vendor partners and submit offers to them for their merchandise. The merchant emails the reader if they accept their offer for the item.

The Newsroom on the website is out of date. Everything focuses on the old name, TacBoard. Some of the links are even dead, and there is nothing about the upcoming appearance on Shark Tank. My best guess is that there is no deal for Savy on Shark Tank otherwise we would expect to have everything current on the website.

Additionally, there is very little about company available online. Hopefully, I will be able to comment more after Sunday Nights airing of Shark Tank.