Talk about a roller coaster of a week! We started off with the seventy-degree weather, California Style, while massive storm systems bombarded their normally pleasant climate.

Watch, I bet they are going to be blaming President Trump for adjusting the environment in their area! He is responsible for climate change, right?

Unfortunately, I had some sick people in my household fighting off strep throat first and then Walking Pnemeunia. Thankfully, I tested negative and am feeling healthy, The change in weather probably egged on the sickness going around.

Snow fell last night, and had me hoping for a measurable amount, as I have been driving a snow plow this winter, and could use the money this week! But, that didn't happen.

Fortunately, everyone else had more of a roller coaster of a week around me, and I've been able to focus on passive income projects. And, I did pick up a couple of websites builds this week.

Shawn Graham and I are launching a YouTube channel for our project, #GodinME.Faith. Our new Vlog focuses on relating current afairs to what's in the Bible.

We are really pumped up and working diligently to make our new project, #GodinMe.Faith, a full-time opportunity for us. We love the work we are doing.

And, I'm about ready to take off to Church on Saturday night. I have a new friend joining me for the 6PM service. We're going to grab a bite to eat before.

All this while watching, the NASCAR XFINITY Series as I am doing my work! Oh, and I'm looking forward to watching the Daytona 500 which is tomorrow, I will pass on watching the Oscars, I'm tired of hearing political propaganda out of Hollywood.

Do you think the stars should focus on building their careers instead of bloviating about stuff that makes them look very ugly? Yeah, I think so.

Have a beautiful Saturday, and I'll see you tomorrow.