Rocket Theme is the template that I use for all of my Joomla sites with new templates coming out monthly, as well as extensions and support that is fantastic. Rocket Theme is serious about producing a high quality product.

Rocket Theme features a download package called Rocket Launcher that you FTP into your website space and then has a step by step setup guide to make it easy to create your website / blog.

They feature templates for Joomla, which is what i choose to use, WordPress and Drupal as well as phpBB3.

You can Demo Rocket Theme templates at their site and they feature multiple packages that you can choose from allowing you everything from a package of 3 template licenses to unlimited uses of their templates.

Rocket Theme also allow you access to their extension directory that includes Weather, Stocks, shopping cart, multimedia components, RokGzipper, Tabs module, customized search module, slideshow, downloads component, newsflash extension, Comments, html rok pad, rok stories module, Custom navigation menu, Twitter module, news pager and a feature table that allows you to compare and select package options on your site.

Rocket Theme also features an onsite forum so you can learn tips and tricks from others using the Rocket Theme styled sites. They also have a showcase where you can demonstrate your work, and you might be able to even pick up some design work if people like your designs!

I'm sure that many other companies have excellent templates available, but when I find something that works extremely well, I tend to stick with the company that gets the job done. Rocket Theme gets the job done!

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