Ride-on Carry-on Shark Tank Pitch

Ride-on Carry-on is an easy way to give your child a seat that is part of your carry-on luggage. The attachable seat straps in your youngster so you don't have to chase them down in the airport. Then, fold the chair up when you arrive at the plane and put in the carry-on overhead location of the plane. Jeff Foxworthy appears as a guest Shark during the Ride-on Carry-on Shark Tank pitch.

Darryl Lenz is a flight attendant for the last twenty-seven years, seeing countless families dealing with the frustrations of traveling with young ones. That's why Randy and Darryl came up with their invention. Their device folds and easily stores in the overhead with the luggage. Older kids even have a headrest for a comfortable ride.

Robert Herjavec sees Ride-on Carry-on as a lawn chair strapped to a piece of luggage with a seat belt. They have sold 2,000 chairs at $39.95 with cost at $7.95.

Jeff Foxworthy loves a woman named Darryl, he says his wife's name is Greg.

Darryl and Randy have zero complaints. They have no debt, and they invested $150,000 into the company with lifetime sales of 20,000 units.

They have zero inventory and 2,000 units pending order. Business Week picked Ride-on Carry-on as one of their top 25 products and they were the only company that wasn't a Fortune 500 company.

Ride-on Carry-onRide-on Carry-on Episode Data

What do the Shark Tank Investors say about Ride-on Carry-on?

  • Jeff Foxworthy – thinks they have a fantastic idea and loves their energy. He is out because this business doesn't fit his desired portfolio.
  • Daymond John – declines to make an offer, but tells Darryl and Randy that he thinks that Kevin's deal is not the right deal.
  • Kevin O'Leary – offers $50,0000 for 20% equity provided they license the product.
  • Barbara Corcoran – offers $50,000 for 25% equity. Barbara thinks they need help marketing the product. They accept Barbara's deal.
  • Robert Herjavec – thinks they should license this product instead of manufacturing it themselves. He is out.

Ride-on Carry-on after Shark Tank

Ride-on Carry-on is redesigned and licensed for 2018. The new version is Think King. The company plans to take the next generation of Ride-on Carry-on to a whole new marketplace.