If there's one thing that I love to do is take off on a road trip, and this time, the trip is to Oklahoma City where I attended the Revenue Ads annual meetup. The folks at Revenue Ads know how to treat people right, and that they did.

They had educational sessions featuring my friend, John Chow, a followed by social hours with great food, drink, and conversation.

Finally, we were off to the basketball arena in Downtown Oklahoma City where we had access to they opened the doors to the public, allowing us to do a meet and greet with the Oklahoma City Thunder. They even had basketballs available for the Thunder's star, Kevin Durant to sign. Talk about a great deal.

Next, we were off to the Revenue Ads suite where we ate excellent Barbeque Ribs and where the OKC Thunder cheerleaders who graciously took photos with us, and made us feel like a million dollars.

Our day started with a social hour, allowing us to get to know other people, made up of a diverse group of business strategies and interests.

The catering company brought in barbecue with practically any kind of beverage you can imagine.

John Chow kicked off the presentations with Ben Louis of Plenty of Fish. Both presenters were outstanding, and I immediately came home to make some changes in my blogs according to what I learned at Revenue Ads.

John shared making as much as $100,000 month from his blog on good months, telling how he built his audience.

The party bus awaited us as we walked out of the Revenue Ads office, complete with an incredibly awesome sound video system to make our trip to the arena an eventful journey downtown.

I made my first trip to an NBA game and talk about an impressive show, which in itself was entertainment enough, and to think a basketball game happened at the same time. It seemed more like a high energy concert than a sporting event.

And, the Oklahoma City Thunder easily won the game. But that wasn't the end of the Thunder as I took intense storms and even tornadic weather all the way home to Iowa. I loved driving through the storms, and the thrill of navigating the roads in tornado warned areas made the trip back just as exciting as the intensity of the game.

Special thanks to the Revenue Ads team for the exciting meetup and new friendships