A couple of farmers bought a Gold mine out in the west that was one of the richest mines of Gold anywhere. The farmers immediately packed up their belongings and headed for the mine. They wanted to get in and get to work to find the Gold.

The farmers were given a map of the mine, which was to help them so they could quickly find the Gold, but neither farmer new how to read the map. They didn't care, they would just get to work and find the Gold soon enough.

A couple of weeks went by and the farmers had not found the Gold, but a map reader dropped by the mine and offered to read it for the farmers in exchange for a few dollars. The farmers thought they were very close and decided not to invest in what the map reader was offering. After all, they were starting to run low on money, and they needed every dime to make it until they could find the Gold.

Another couple of weeks went by and the farmers were now broke and hungry. They still had their farms back east, but they could not afford to return. Desperation had set in.

Just then, the map reader returned and once again offered to read the map for the Farmers if they would pay him to do so. The farmers no longer had any money, so instead they offered to sell the mine to the map reader in exchange for enough money to return home to their farms.

The map reader eagerly agreed, and paid them out of money he made reading maps for others that had come for the Gold rush. The farmers thanked him and immediately headed home to their farms.

The map reader was overjoyed. He took the map and got to work. A few hours later he found the Gold just a few feet away from where the farmers had been looking the whole time.

Taking action is absolutely essential to success, but before taking action, you need to learn where to dig. Take the time to research your opportunity and you will know where to dig.