Improving productivity in all areas of my life is the best way I have found to remove limiting beliefs that cause failure. Creating objectives, tasks and taking the proper next steps are an excellent way to change mindsets.

Limiting Beliefs are often False Beliefs

Limiting beliefs or false beliefs causing failure for many people. Our thoughts build upon premises that are not true and keep us from achieving success and happiness.

I say “our thoughts” because we all have limiting beliefs. Some of us have them more than others. They vary depending on the situation.

My limiting beliefs often mentally paralyze thought process keeping me from what I want most in my life.

I'm a big thinker, as in I look at the whole package instead of focusing on breaking down the process. I want to accelerate and skip steps, forgetting that the fun is in the process, not in the result.

Creating Awareness of Limiting Beliefs

Awareness of limiting beliefs that dominate my thoughts is a strong signal that I'm not focusing on next steps but am focused on wanting the result right now.

The solution for me is to organize my life in such a way that everything ends up in a list of objectives with tasks attached to each area.

More importantly, a specific task list evolves for each objective with emphasis on completing the next step allowing me to accomplish each task.

When change starts to happen limiting beliefs are crushed with each step, task, and objective completed.

The result is success and happiness comes from accomplishments during the process, and results are measured.

Identifying and achieving a result is the best way to crush a limiting belief. Breaking the process into objectives, tasks and next steps shifts focus from a limiting belief to unlimited potential to accomplish our dreams.

Many systems exist that help conquers limiting beliefs. They work regardless of the issue because you focus on next steps.

I'm using an old productivity system from 2005, and I am modifying it to fit the tools I use today. Find one that works for you and start focusing on eliminating limiting beliefs standing in your way!