SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a major challenge for most everyone I know, especially with so many people professing to be SEO experts. How do you really know that someone has the experience and knowledge to get the results that you desire?

Many individuals do a site and find success with a specific term and then immediately project that they are able to do it for any term that you want, but reality is found to be something different. With what seems to be as many SEO experts as websites in existence, you would have to believe that most of them really don’t know what they’re talking about.

Adding insult to injury, you may find an “expert” that will quickly get you to the top, only to find a matter of days later; you completely disappear because your “expert” gamed the system and got you placed in the “sandbox.” Once you hit there, you’re pretty much stuck and the game is over unless you have a substantial amount of money and some really great contacts.

It’s quite common that people have intent to search for a product similar to what you offer, but may put in the wrong search term which takes them to something totally irrelevant to what they are looking for. If you’re able to anticipate this move, you can structure your site so you’re visible to the potential audience you are looking for. On the other side, you can also create a negative keyword to keep customers away that are looking for something other than what you have to offer.

A great example would be the limousine. I’m sure most of you think of car, but some of you thought of Cattle. If I was renting out the car kind of limousine, the last thing I want coming up in my result would be cattle. You could actually put in negative keywords that would keep you away from relevancy to cattle.

While I will tell you I’m not an expert, these are specific experiences that I’ve had and know that are important to think about when you’re optimizing your site.