What I'm figuring out is that blogging is about building a massive amount of quality content that when pooled together gives you visibility and ultimately the audience necessary to become profitable.

Over the last several months I've been writing non-stop to build as much content as I can, but it hit me the other day. Why not see what I've written over the years, it's already there and I can publish more information faster.

To my surprise I have so much information that I'm literally building new websites to put that content in. Instead of having all this stuff sitting on my storage drives, why not put it to work where other people will take advantage of it and give me the opportunity to profit from that information?

Getting all the information out of storage and in to websites also gives me another advantage. As I publish my stored content, I'm also re-organizing the information making it easier to find what I've had hidden for so long.

What kind of stuff do you have saved on your hard drive or in storage? Do you have papers you wrote in school or in college? Many people think that everything has to have a business purpose to it in order to make money online, but that's not the case.

Do you have stories that you've written and others might find interesting? The content inside those stories may provide opportunities to link to affiliate marketing programs where keywords trigger someone to buy something.

What's on your hard drive?