Recapping your day keeps you posting in your blog daily. Now, if I just follow that advice, I'll be set with my blog! I know some of you are coming back daily, and I appreciate it. I also know that I have lost readers who wouldn't have left if I recapped my day, every day.

Writing daily, taking notes every day and publishing them is easier said than done, but doing it is possible. I've done it before, and I am doing it again. If I slip up, I will get back in and start writing again without excuse for dropping the ball.

At some point, we will form the proper habit and maintain the consistency necessary to achieve a following that in turn produces passive income.

This week, I've had quite a few meetings, most of which wrap around building businesses, and how I can help them grow their idea. I've picked up a few website development jobs as well, which is keeping me very busy at the moment.

Recapping your day primes the pump

The one thing that I haven't done well is prime the pump for work in the coming weeks. Again, writing on this blog, and on GodinMe.Faith is an excellent way to develop relationships and open the door for future web site development opportunities.

I don't even have to talk about website development. In fact, I prefer to downplay my business skills. I'd rather work on developing personal relationships. Nobody likes to have anything pushed down their throats. You can tell your readers what your skill set is, without broadcasting your business in every other sentence.

Of course, you have to be consistent and frequent when publishing otherwise you lose the opportunity to establish relationships. Readers will go someplace else fast.

Recapping your day is an excellent way to build relevant content on your blog. Try it, and you will see how it works for you.