Steve Jobs had his “reality distortion field” where everyone around him would comment that his demands were impossible, but somehow the team would do great things and built a great company at Apple and Pixar.

He wasn’t always successful, I remember some loyalist who talked about NeXT and how it would take on anything around. That was when I worked with early versions of Windows. I had heard about it, but it never seemed to happen.

What I didn’t realize was how early the NeXT system was under development in the eighties. It was in the mid-nineties when people I know were talking about it, and had I known how far out it was, I surely would have ended up in debate with these people, but I had no idea what it was at that point.

I read this in the book, Steve Jobs, which is a great book for Entrepreneurs to read. It is a motivating book, encouraging us push and motivate us  to take our dreams farther.

Shouldn’t every Entrepreneur have their version of “Reality Distortion Field?” I think so, I think the world would be a better place and we would have far better companies.

Steve Jobs never concerned himself with the product price—he concerned himself with why he was building a great product and then focused on building the best he could build.

What if our political leaders focused on building the best country we can be—making Americans the best people in the world? Unfortunately, we don’t have a Steve Jobs running for office. Could you pick one politician that could do what Jobs could do?

How about you, are you ready to create your own reality distortion field? Go ahead and get some guts. Push farther and be better. That’s what makes great companies that offer great jobs and causes change in the world.