I have a friend who has a goldmine in his attic. He has so much stuff that he could be debt free if he would just start selling all of his unused stuff on EBay, Craig's List or even at an auction house. I'm thinking he might even come up with a million or more dollars as he has kept everything he has ever bought and he is in his 60's with some really cool stuff

Even though much of this stuff has not been viewed for many years, he can't bring himself to get rid of it. I know how he feels as I have struggled to get rid of stuff as well, but I've found once I started that it's very liberating to have my storage areas empty. I'm literally making life easier having less stuff to maintain.

Even better, I'm getting more money for my stuff than I realized it was worth. Somewhere I had read or heard that the average American has at least $25,000 real value of merchandise in storage not being used and could be turned into cash. I believe this is 100% true.

I just think of the money I could have saved if I had cleaned out all my junk before I moved, rather than doing it now, but better now than never, right?