Do you second guess yourself? This is one habit that is not a good one to have. You will frustrate those around you who want you to let them know where you are going.

Sometimes people talk themselves out of doing the right thing and instead opt to do the wrong thing because they think that option is safer. You would have been far better to make a decision and move forward, even if it was the wrong decision.

The good news is the quicker you make a mistake, the quicker you can fix the error and move in the right direction. You've got new information that can help you get to where you need to go.

Leaders who second guess themselves are likely to lose their team. They want clear direction. They are relying on you to give them the right information to move forward. If your decisive in your decisions, the team will stick with you, even when the decision is wrong. If you are indecisive and second guess your decisions, the team may end up causing failure because they like the confidence  to do what you ask them to do.

People want solid decisions that do not waiver. They can deal with a mistake and change direction, but they need a solid direction.

Whatever you do, don't second guess yourself in front of your team and when you make a mistake, quickly correct, letting your followers that you made a mistake, but you're now headed in the right direction

The bottom line is don't second guess yourself at all. Nothing good ever comes when you do.  When you take action, you are confident that you have made the right decision, or you're confident that you went in the wrong direction. Either way, you know where you're at and you aren't sitting on the fence with no sense of direction.