Basing your new start-up business on a hobby or a passion is one of the most exciting ways to do a start-up company. You're already pumped up about your opportunity and you know what you're talking about. It automatically qualifies you for “expert” status and that can make a big impact on how quickly you start making money as an entrepreneur.

Having that intimate knowledge makes you a walking encyclopedia and your customers will quickly realize you know what you're talking about. You will speak with clear authority.

You might even be so pumped up about your business that you're able to get others to take action that wouldn't otherwise, they just might want to participate to get the same satisfaction that they see you're having. When that happens, you know you're on your way to success!

Almost every business I've started came out of a passion or hobby. Everyone around me feels the excitement in the air when I'm pursuing what I love to do. They get charged up and want to know more, and others will want to know more when you do the same.

I get so focused that I don't want to quit working, going to sleep is difficult as my mind constantly races about all the possibilities of making my dreams come true. You'll get that same burning desire when everything starts to click for you. The stress subsides and the energy picks up. You're on your way to success.

Starting out, we all have to do more than we are paid to do, but ultimately we get back more than we could have ever hoped with educational and monetary value. With each day, you'll learn more and you'll be one step closer to fulfilling your dreams.