Do you realize you could have a profitable web design company in 30 days? You can, I did it and you can too. Keep building that business and forget about working for somebody who could care less about what happens outside your job.

You could have a profitable web design business in 30 days, even if you have never built a website in your life! You don't even need very much money to get started and done right, you'll have it right back in your pocket before you even know it's gone!

Many people go to school to learn how to do web design, but they don't go to school to learn how to build a profitable web design company in 30 days. The truth is that web design is no longer that complicated. It's really easy to do, yet most people won't invest a small amount of time into building their own sites. That's great news for you!

Building a profitable web design company starts with setting up the tools necessary to sell web design. You have to get them in place and then learn how to use them. You have to build your own site, and it wouldn't hurt to build a few examples.

Now, we are going to have minimal investment in the first 30 days. The less money we spend, the easier it will be to make profit. Still, there are some tools that you must have, no matter what. One of them is a web host account. Ideally a reseller hosting account that allows you to segment your client websites, so you all are not sharing the same web space.

A reseller account will run you less than $25/month and lets you create unlimited domain names, email accounts, WordPress setup and more. It even includes the domain name for your hosting business.

Click here to get a reseller account setup and then let me know you're getting started today by sending me message from my contact form.