Priority One Canine steps into Shark Tank Season 6 showcasing their trained canine bodyguards. They hand select and train each canine.

They are asking the Sharks to team up with them and become part of the most elite canine training company in the country.

Priority One Canine Guard Dogs use three or four breeds

Priority One Canine uses three or four breeds of dogs in their program. The dog becomes the family pet, while trained to protect the family.

They have a level 1 package that is $20,000 including the dog. Level 2 is at $30,000, Level 3 is $40,000.

Wade is a former United States Marine and is a police officer for the last fourteen years. Lori Morrell came out of corporate America.

They have trained and placed fourteen dogs in the last year and a half with $150,000 in revenue. They have made $70,000.

Scalability is the problem according to Kevin O'Leary. Wade points out that if they do 20 dogs a year, at $800,000 which is a nice living for them but is not a scalable business.

Level 1 dogs will go to the door when a doorbell rings, Level 2 are trained to stop carjackers and other threats.

Company: Priority One Canine
Entrepreneur: Wade and Lori Morrell
Ask: $75k for 15% equity
Companies in this episode: The Natural Grip, Man-PACK, Bottle Breacher
Season: Season 6 Episode 608
Sharks: Mark Cuban, Daymond John, Kevin O'Leary, Lori Greiner, Robert Herjavec
First Aired: 11/07/2014
Deal: No Deal

What do the Shark Tank Investors say about Priority One Canine Guard Dogs

Mark Cuban said there is not enough revenue in the business to have a great living, but it would require too much time for mentoring and they would not get a return. He is out.

Daymond John thinks he can do it on their own and have a great life for their business. Daymond is a product guy for manufacturing and distribution. He can't turn their business into a big company where he can get a return on his company.

Kevin O'Leary does not see this as investible because the company is not scaleable based on the model and Wade and Lori pitch it as a lifestyle business.

Lori Greiner loves them and the business, but she does not see how she can get the return necessary for her time, so she is out.

Robert Herjavec goes out because the business is so dependent on Wade and Lori. There is nothing scaleable about this business.

Priority One Canine Guard Dogs after Shark Tank

Priority One Canine currently has a wait list for customers to sign up on their website. The wait list proves that the company is valuable, but not scaleable as there are a limited number of dogs a person can train.

It looks like Wade and Lori are doing well, and emphasizing the family friendliness of the guard dogs at the same time. And, the Lambhorgini looks great with the dog on their homepage!

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