The Post office is set to default on debt in just a few weeks. They are now asking congress to give them more money to continue to operate.

The American public has been paying for services in places that are not profitable for the organization to operate. In addition, the Post Office could have cut Saturday delivery a long time ago which would have saved the organization a substantial amount of money but the Postal Union fought this and managed to keep the organization from ceasing services on Saturday.

What if every Entrepreneur could simply go to the Government and ask them to bail them out? That's crazy but that's what the postal service is doing.

The reality is that if the postal service didn't exist, prices through competitive organizations would come down as they would look to offer alternative services that the US Post Office now handles.

While I don't want the Postal Service to default on payments to the retirement plan, I do think it's time to close the extra locations that don't pay for themselves, they need to stop Saturday delivery and be more fiscally responsible by raising their prices for their services so either they are profitable or the customers move to alternative services and the organization is no longer needed.

The reality is that the US Postal Service is burning your money to provide services that less people are using everyday.

When Government takes money from you to keep the postal service going, they're taking money away from other services like new school rooms. Think about it, what's more important. Education or the US Postal Service? I think you're going to choose education.

It's about time we start making the right choices rather than thinking that we can just spend more money on everything.

What say you?