When we leave a picture with comments, we’re getting an advantage over other people that don’t have a picture. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words, Right? We wouldn’t leave comments if we weren’t interested in socializing so why not get the most value out of it.

At first, I wondered how people were able to get their picture to show up. I spent quite a bit of time searching. You don’t have to because this post tells you how to get your picture to show up when you leave comments.

That little picture or graphic is called an Avatar. Some blogs self-host the images, while others rely on services like Gravatar, which is the most popular and widely used.

If you want to include your image on your posts, you can go to Gravatar, by clicking on the link. Sign up using your email address that you post comments with. That’s how Gravatar knows what image to display.

You will want to select a picture that ideally shows your face that fits in a square box, ideally at 100 By 100 Pixels. The picture ideally should be in .jpg or .png format.

Upload your picture and set as your primary profile picture.

You’re set! Now when you post, readers will see who is writing the post.

If you have a blog you don’t even need an account to display Gravatar’s. They have links on their site to plug-ins and even offer tutorials as well.

This process is fast and easy. It’s well worth your time and once it’s done, you don’t have to worry about it again. It doesn’t matter if you’re a blogger or a reader.

I’m sure there are many other products or services competing with Gravatar that I may not be aware of.  Let me know if you find ones that you like.