A simple blog post that's clear with purpose will cause readers to return often. Communicating your idea immediately in the first paragraph sets the tone for the rest of the post, while confirming that you have the right information for your audience.

Originally, I believed that stating my purpose in the first paragraph, using simple and clear words would keep me from having 300 words to write in my article, which is the recommended length by many Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts.

I was wrong, and have discovered that stating the simple, clear purpose in my first paragraph gives me the rest of my post to reinforce my idea while letting my reader know I have the right content they are looking for.

Proper Grammar Helps But Isn't Mandatory

My grammar has not always been the best and therefore, keeping ideas simple, has a powerful impact on my blog posts. My ideas are easier to understand and present. I have more readers that are able to understand what I’m trying to say and that makes them likely to return even though I don’t use English perfectly.

I’m not the only blogger who struggles with writing style. Many of the most popular bloggers use poor grammar. Don’t let this keep you from expressing your ideas, just keep the ideas simple and you’ll be fine.

Reinforce Your Idea throughout the Post

Use your primary purpose throughout the post in simple and clear terms. This is great for SEO and for the reader. Give a slightly different perspective to the idea each time you reinforce the idea inside your post.

Close your post with a call to action. Ask the reader to take the next step. Maybe you want them to read another blog posts or to sign-up for your newsletter. Whatever you do, use this time to get the reader to reward you for giving them the information that they are searching for.

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Thanks for reading and come back for more great content.