A great blogger, John Chow wrote a post today about consistently blogging every single day. He states in his post that he's made at least two posts to his blog which he claims is the leading factor contributing to his success.

I believe he's right on the money with his claim and from personal experience, I can tell you that missing a day makes a big difference in your readership. I know, I missed Christmas and the day after and watched the numbers go down. Sure, you might think that the holiday had a major impact on the issue, but I'm considering the holiday into the factor.

John's article hit home, and reinforced my belief that I made a serious mistake by taking a couple of days off. According to John's article, that puts me into amateur status and I humbly accept the temporary judgment and am prepared to be put on probation.

When you write about what you love to do, it's not difficult to write the article, and I hope that shows in the quality of my content. Still, not posting will lose the attention of your readers and quite frankly take you that much longer to build your content for better search engine indexing.

I've spent some considerable time building the content on this site, as well as researching what it takes to be considered a larger site. Google says that you have to have at least 250 pages indexed to be considered a medium site, and I'm sure that mark brings added benefits that smaller sites don't get. When you don't post, you're taking that much longer to reach that mark.

Simply put, posting every day is absolutely necessary to moving to the next level if your serious about making a career in online marketing.

Special Thanks to John Chow for inspiring me to write this post. Keep up the great work, and I encourage others to read John's blog and book (find it at Barnes and Noble or on your Nook, under the title “Make Money Online: Roadmap of a Dotcom Mogul”)