PMS Bites help women who suffer from PMS. Tania Green makes her product pitch in Shark Tank Season 7, and might I say, she makes you feel the pain as she walks into Shark Tank!

PMS Bites Shark Tank to help women satisfy cravings

90% of women suffer from one or more symptoms from PMS, and they can last seven to ten days a month. Her solution is PMS BITES to help women satisfy cravings without guilt. The men can eat them.

Company: PMS Bites
Entrepreneur: Tania Green
From: Boston, Massachusetts
Ask: $50,000 for 20% equity
Episode: Season 7 Episode 729(ABC)
First Aired: 5/20/2016
Sales: $13,400.07 in a couple of months
Cost to make/Wholesale Price/Retail Price: She spends $1.55 to make PMS Bites. She wholesales them at $4.50, and they retail for $7
Social Media: Twitter:@PMSBites YouTube:

PMS Bites launched a KickStarter campaign in February 2015 and landed 165 backers for $8,439.

Before we go too far, let me say, I like Tania as an entrepreneur and businessperson. Too bad the Shark Tank Investors passed on the chance to invest in Tania's PMS Bites. Few entrepreneurs and business people know their company as good as Tania knows hers.

I believe that what Tania lacks is easily found, and she has the potential to be Queen of Monster sales. Tania's unique talents are missing in most entrepreneurs, and what she needs most is easy to find if you recognize the area of weakness.

Barbara Corcoran is close to hitting what I believe Tania needs for PMS Bites, but she mistakes it for lack of passion. Tania is a bit too serious for the story, and as much as she tries, the emphasis on fun and flirty is missing.

PMS Bites needs Tania to narrate her story, but to add an actor that plays out going from PMS mad to happy go lucky. She controls her story, and at the same time will get the laugh and the lighthearted reaction from the actor.

An actor may have been enough to sway the Sharks on landing a deal, despite the numbers. And, I believe that Tania is 100% vested in her business. I felt that way when I watched her pitch. She's even got the PMS story down as I felt kind of queasy as she pitched! LOL.

Tania Prepared PMS Bites for Shark Tank

What did Tania do when she found out she is going on Shark Tank? For two months straight she would say her pitch first thing in the morning. For the question and answer preparation, she put pictures of the Sharks up on the wall in order of their seating positions and talked to the pictures helping her to get comfortable with talking to the Sharks.

She binge watched Shark Tanks making notes of every question that the Sharks ask so that they will have an answer to that question. She researched what they respond well to and what they don't like Plus she did individual research on each Shark.

Tania shares that Shark Tank forced her to examine her business in greater detail. Shark Tank accelerated her business.

PMS Bites are delicious and healthy treats delivered to women's doors the week we need them most. All bites contain gluten free, all natural, and vegan ingredients along with a blend of Siberian ginseng, chamomile, and dandelion root, commonly taken herbs for bloating, cramping, and irritability. Finally, you can experience comfort without guilt!

What do the Shark Tank Investors say about PMS Bites

  • Kevin O'Leary says she cut the market in half by calling them PMS Bites.
  • Lori Grenier asks why can't you call them something else, but on your website you could put these are great for PMS. Tania's answer is she would not be in front of the Sharks if she had called her company something else.
  • Robert Herjavec loves the marketing slogan. Tania stands out because you're unique. Hundreds of dollars of sales are not enough; he's out.
  • Barbara Corcoran says she needs someone pushing this with drive, but she does not see the drive in Tania. I understand Barbara's point. However, I think Tania needs to lighten up a bit, as she is CEO serious. She seriously played the PMS roll well coming into the Shark Tank, but she needed to pivot a bit more and add some light humor. I think Tania is super passionate about her business.
  • Kevin O'Leary said she is the Princess of small numbers, and you have to become the queen of monster sales.
  • Mark Cuban – This is all about social media. He thinks this is such a viral product, and didn't focus on selling online. Mark feels like this would be tuition, more so than an investment. He is out.

She's got an excellent opportunity, that is waiting for her to come out of her shell.