Play by the rules that exist, ignore the ones that don't exist, or are imaginary in your head. We make up these imaginary boundaries that keep us form success because we think it's wrong or we aren't allowed to do something. That's why most people who play by the rules that are imaginary don't make it in business and surely don't make it in sales.

I always play by the rules and when I was around twenty years old, I worked on the telephone selling Sprint Long Distance. The management rolled out the opportunity to sell payphones. They were everyplace there was a convenient store at the time. The best part of the deal was the convenience store getting a commission on the long distance used on those payphones so it was an extremely easy sell.

My buddy and I spent the next several days photocopying phone book listing for convenience stores all over the country. We did nothing but wrote orders because every call signed up. It was a slam dunk.

In the meantime, the rest of the floor was furious because they assumed we didn't play by the rules. They thought we were “cheating” but they didn't know how. The truth was, we weren't cheating. We did play by the rules, but we got creative and we made an opportunity that paid off big until management finally said we had to call out of the same system that everybody else was calling.

When we play by the rules that are imaginary, we are limiting ourselves to boundaries that are false. We often do this when we have a fear of failure, which is ultimately leading us to failure at a faster rate than if we would take a risk at being successful. Don't limit yourself, and instead be all you can be without false boundaries.

No matter what you do, you have to create opportunities for yourself to make money online.  Play by the rules, but don't make up rules that don't exist.