Lifter Hamper is a creation of former NFL Pittsburgh Steelers player Marvin Phillip suffered a back injury that took him out of the game. He is pitching Shark Tank investors on his spring-loaded hamper that senses the load becoming heavy causing the bottom to drop.

Lifter Hamper rises to the top on Shark Tank

The lifter hamper bottom rises as the load becomes lighter. The idea is to keep from having to bend over too far to unload the hamper. Lifter Hamper - Shark TankHis company has no sales coming into the Shark Tank, but he does have contracts. The problems with the deals are that they are with manufacturing representatives.

Marvin tells the Shark's the Lifter Hamper works for people besides injured athletes. The elderly and pregnant women will benefit from the Lifter Hamper.

Lori Greiner believes Marvin needs to perfect his hamper, as the wheels do not roll very well on carpet, and the hamper is not portable to get around.

Company: Lifter Hamper
Entrepreneur: Marvin Phillip
Ask: $85,000 for 12% equity
Season: Season 4 Episode 404
Sharks: Mark Cuban, Daymond John, Kevin O'Leary, Lori Greiner, Robert Herjavec
First Aired: 10/04/2012
From: Draper, Utah
Deal: No Deal

The Lifter Hamper costs around $10 to make, and it retails for $49.99. They have a provisional patent, and the utility patent is being readied. He invested $75,000 into the company to date. Marvin said he is working on the Lifter Hamper as a full-time job.

What do the Shark Tank Investors say about Lifter Hamper

Mark Cuban does not believe that he can help him with the Lifter Hamper, even though he does his laundry and has previous back injuries. He is out.

Daymond John is rooting for Marvin, but he is a Shark because he is offering 12% of a company that doesn't have much value right now. He is out.

Kevin O'Leary doesn't like the value of the company coming into Shark tank, and so he is out.

Lori Greiner likes the lifter hamper but thinks it may be too difficult to move around. She is out but leaves the door open to having him contact her down the road.

Robert Herjavec thinks investing in Lifter Hamper is too early and Marvin needs to get out and sell some hampers first.

Lifter Hamper after Shark Tank

Marvin Phillips licensed Lifter Hamper to a company called Household Essentials who is marketing and selling the hamper. The deal happened effectively August 1st, 2015. A newly designed Lifter Hamper is available today from Household Essentials who is selling the product through their Amazon store and is available through Prime.

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