Picking winners and losers isn't what I would call fun for me. I love passionate people who believe in doing the right thing, but many of them won't accomplish what they set out to do, because they put their “principles” in the way.

They may think their opponent doesn't have principles, and that can hurt their cause especially when you make up your own rules that you think everybody else should live by.

Ultimately, we have to realize that in order to be a winner, we have to understand what the real rules of the game are. If we don't, we put false barriers, or even worse, we end up unintentionally taking advantage of others.

Picking winners and losers is no fun especially when there is no clear cut winner or loser. Either way, you have to decide what you think is best at the moment.

Tonight, having that situation was a tough one. After I made my decision I came back and began to rethink it through. Did I make the right decision? Depends on how you look at it.

I actually second guessed myself and may have actually made a poor choice. I'll never know if I really made a wrong decision because their is no going back.

Still, I have to look forward. It won't be long and I can pick a different winner, to take over the choice that I made tonight. Unfortunately for me, I was a deciding factor and that's tough.

I did my best, with what I knew. If I hadn't been their, the outcome of tonight would have been the same, but I did have it in my ability to change the outcome, at least to push it farther than it did.

The best thing that I can do going forward is to pay close attention to the results of my decision. If I can see I was wrong, I have the opportunity to re-position going forward.