Nitroforce Titan 1000 is one of those products that you think have such a mountain to climb that they won't be successful. Unlike other companies in their episode, Nitroforce is still selling their home gym system through their website and recently launched on Amazon.

The last Nitroforce Facebook post is from 2016. The company doesn't appear to be leveraging the online marketing world as well as they could. Unfortunately, they are getting some negative reviews on Amazon, but the negative reviews are from people who did not buy the machine. The two positive reviews come from people who use and purchased the Titan 1000. Maybe Amazon should not allow reviews from people who have never used the product?

Company: Nitroforce – Titan 1000
Entrepreneur: Frank Campitelli & Debrae Barensfeld
Season: 3
Episode: 12
Ask: $250,000 for 10% equity

Nitroforce Titan 1000 – Compact Home Gym

The Titan 1000 by Nitroforce is an extremely compact home gym using tension in place of actual weights. The size makes Titan 1000 versatile and convenient.

They built 90 machines and sold 12 at $1,300. The price on Amazon today is considerably higher, and likely reflects the margin needed to operate their business.

With no sales, the Sharks have no data to see if the home gym will sell. Additionally, the Sharks are convinced that Frank and Debra will need a lot more money to educate their marketplace on the benefits of the Titan 1000.

Robert Herjavec points out that most home gyms end up becoming close hangers.

Another challenge that the Nitroforce people face are the bodybuilders who believe in only using free weights. They tend to be highly critical of machines like the Titan 1000, claiming that the workout machine does not produce “free weight” type of feeling when working out.

Ironically, none of the critics use or have used the Titan 1000. Some say they have used similar machines to draw their conclusions. I will reserve my judgement as I too have never used the Titan 1000.

Sharks on Nitroforce Episode:

Mark Cuban
Barbara Corcoran
Daymond John
Robert Herjavec
Kevin O'Leary

No Shark Tank Deal for Titan 1000.

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