Entrepreneurs often keep customers that they shouldn’t. Focus on keeping your best customers and fire the rest. You’ll be glad you did. You will do a better job and your best customers will want to be even better customers.

Whoever said the customer is always right, must have been the customer. The customer isn’t always right, and there not always worth the hassle.  Why spend your time trying to make a customer happy, that’s never satisfied?

Your job is to make your company the best company at what you do. You need to spend your time improving and polishing your service and products.  Get past the customers that are never satisfied. They just aren’t worth it.

I always enjoy telling my pain in the ass customer that I want them to be happy and the only way I know how to make them happy is to part ways with them. I want every one of them to find the perfect vendor that makes their life better. I don’t want them to settle for me.

Guess what? When you tell them this, they go away and before you know it, they come crawling back begging to do business with you. They go from a pain to one of your best customers. They don’t want to get fired. They don’t want to lose your quality service.

Do you have customers that try to beat you down in price? Stick to your guns. Great customers want you to make a healthy profit. They know you need to make money to keep providing a great service.

When you’re the customer, think about how you can get better service from your vendor. Practice being a great customer. Treat your vendors like you want your customers to treat you. They will appreciate you for it.

If you can’t get good service, get a new vendor, but don’t stick with them because of your really great excuse. Get the best service and product you can.