Friends often ask who should I use for WordPress web hosting? My answer for WordPress hosting is simple, WPEngine.

The company is the best at providing optimized hosting for WordPress sites. And, they are constantly testing plugins, server configurations and themes ensuring optimum performance.

Other hosts overload their servers causing service degradation or even outages. They say they give you unlimited bandwidth, but what they don't tell you is they limit the core processing power. Limiting core processing power puts your site at risk of not being available under load.

Your site might not get a lot of traffic, but is still at risk of not displaying due to other websites hosted on the same server. WPEngine guarantees the traffic, and that means that your site won't go down under load.

Many cheap hosts have system caches that accelerate the front end of your website, but the backend is painfully slow, sometimes unbearable. Imagine not being able to load new posts, or waste significant time trying to make changes to your site.

If you are a designer, spending time waiting for a site to load is eating up your profit. If you are a blogger, you are taking time away from producing new content. Just think about how much money cheap web hosting costs you!

WordPress web hosting and SSL Certificates

And, WPEngine offers free SSL certificates with all hosting plans. Search Engines take an SSL certificate into consideration when indexing your website. It is a must for SEO(Search Engine Optimization).

Control panels in web hosting companies are notoriously complicated. They tempt you with unnecessary and overpriced ad dons that have little to no benefit. Even experienced developers struggle through confusing and outdated material.

WPEngine is different. They don't offer products and services that are outdated or irrelevant, and have all the needed features included in their packages. The control panel is extremely easy to use, with clear instructions.

Transferring a WordPress website to WPEngine takes a fraction of the time that transfer takes to a discount host. That alone will save you enough money to cover the difference in hosting cost.

My sites were previously hosted on a VPS(Virtual Private Server) server, but I finally decided that WPEngine is more affordable and reliable. So, I moved all of them over. The bottom line is while the monthly costs more, I am saving money and time with the quality hosting services.

I can help you transition your WordPress website to WPEngine. I do complete redesigns and updates as well. I'll even troubleshoot your existing setup, no matter who did your site.