Many people think that starting a business requires a considerable amount of money to get going, but I have to tell you that the most profitable businesses I've done have started with little to no money at all. You have to have the burning desire to achieve a desired outcome and when it's there, you find a way to make your dreams come true.

The online marketplace has made a huge impact on being able to launch those businesses without an advertising budget, or any budget for that matter. It's the one place where you can go and through hard work attract an audience without spending money.

Starting without money actually may be advantageous to you. It keeps you from investing foolishly into products and services that don't actually contribute to the bottom line. Why bother working with a tool that won't make you money?

Without money, you have to spend more time getting educated on your desired niche market. That means that you'll become an expert in your chosen field and when you show others that you clearly know more about the industry then most if not everyone else, you're value will immediately rise.

People will seek you out for your expertise and be willing to pay you for that knowledge. If on the other hand, you use money to buy your way in, you end up with sites that might get tons of traffic to them, but have little to no valuable content and your audience ends up leaving.

Working with little to no money forces you to get out and communicate through other blogs so you can show others you know what you're talking about. Once those people realize how knowledgeable you are, they will begin to sing your praise and even promote you as an expert. At that point, you will be on your way to becoming the next celebrity blogger.

Few people are able to master this craft, and I would safely assume the current celebrity bloggers all started with little or no money and built their foundation into what it is today with plain old hard work!

Today's the day to get your own domain, build your blog site and get going! Success in this business, like any business is a slow process, but once you achieve it, you'll change your life. Why not get started today?