Several years ago, I installed Rubbermaid shelving systems in my garage at my old home. I bought a substantial amount of parts and accessories that we never used. When I moved to my new home, I transferred the shelving from my old home to the new home and still did not need all the extra parts. They remained in the boxes they came in.

I had a false perception that I would not be able to return them to Menards because they had been in my possession for so long. It didn't bother me, because I didn't think there was that much invested in what I had.

I was at Menards returning a windshield wiper that did not have all the parts, and happened to read the return policy when it hit me, “There is nothing stopping me from returning the parts for an in store credit!”

Now I am excited because I can get rid of more clutter which is what I have been working to do. Too much unused stuff around and it is amazing how much value there is to it, that I didn't realize.

I packed up everything that had to do with the shelving units and took off for Menards. I'm thinking I might be lucky to get a few dollars back, but at least I got rid of the stuff. I was shocked when I got an in-store credit for over $350! Here I Had this stuff sitting around, thinking it was worthless and I now had an additional $350!

When people have a garage sale, they are surprised by the money that they end up with for all this stuff, but what about the stuff that is floating around being stored in your head, in your computer and on your shelves?

Why not turn that information into a product or service that you can begin to sell to other people? You would be surprised who would want to know what you know and if you just package that information in the right way, you literally have the potential to change your life forever!

Here's a chance to get paid doing what you love to do.