Would you like to know how to monetize a lifestyle blog? Affiliate marketing gives you the opportunity to link to products and services that you're talking about on your blog, but you need first to focus on building enough traffic to make it worthwhile.

Using affiliate marketing to monetize your lifestyle blog opens the door to tying into established Affiliate Management vendors such as CJ and Shareasale.

Signing up is easy, and then you can search their database for merchants and products that fit what your blog content.

Programs off payments from a few dollars to several hundred dollars. The catch is, the vendors hold payment until they are sure their won't be a return.

While it sucks to have to wait for payments to cycle, affiliate marketing is an excellent way to monetize your lifestyle blog. Products in almost any category are available to be marketed with links and advertisements on your site.

Monetize a lifestyle blog with a broad range of offers

Keep in mind, that vendors offer a broad range of commission offers, or you could go for Google Adsense, and let them decide which products and services get featured on your blog.

It is critical that you keep fresh content in your lifestyle blog to keep your audience coming back, and ultimately clicking through links that fund your blog.

You should also expect to spend a minimum of eight to twelve months to get your traffic robust enough to provide a decent check from your affiliate vendors.

Ultimately, you'll want to become a serious expert on the lifestyle topic allowing you to create your product, and make the most money. Until then, the affiliate marketing programs will put money in your pocket.

Placing a donation form on your blog is another way to monetize your lifestyle blog. Most people won't get traction with donation forms, but some blogs do very well, especially if they are delivering valuable content to readers. Again, you need a large enough audience to find a reasonable number of donations.