Go back ten years, and think about what a biker bar looks like, and then fast forward to today and you'll see the modern day biker bar that still serves up the beer, but to people in bright colors instead of black and brown.

Move over leather chaps; it's all about spandex for both the guys and the gals riding carbon fiber pedal powered bikes!

I'm sure some of the bikers are riding old school bikes, you know, the kind made of metal, and that will be me for awhile, but who knows, I could get into riding and go for one of the super nice carbon fiber bikes.

Why write about the Modern Day Biker Bar?

What enticed me to write about the biker bars? Well, as you know, I am working out of NewBo now, and the bikers are everywhere in this area thanks to the trails running through the area.

It's only logical to take advantage of the bike trails located in the area, given that people are driving all over the Midwest to seek out new trails.

And, I wonder how much of an impact that the bike trails in the area are bringing in tourists from outside the area? Bikers may be a big reason why NewBo Market is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Iowa.

Are you looking for a new bike? Goldfinch Cyclery offers personalized service, where they will give you a cup of coffee, or soda to enjoy while visiting their store, or having your bicycle repaired. They have convenient hours including Saturday and Sunday, so check them out.

And of course, you should stop by the KickStand, the place that has all the bikers in the photo above. That is if you are a social person because you'll have plenty of individuals willing to share biking stories.