I have to admit, I didn't make a million dollars by age 25, the Internet wasn't in gear yet, but today is a different world and that brings incredible opportunities.

I just read a fantastic story on Yahoo featuring young people who have become millionaires before age 25, some as young as 19 years old. Reading the stories is very motivating for me. This reminds me that anything is possible if you put your passion into what you are doing.

As we get older, we narrow our focus and the belief in what's possible. We need to be reminded that a fresh vision and having passion is the key to changing our world. As young people we were always fascinated by new and shiny objects, but as we age we tend to focus on how much money we have or don't have.

Being in my forties, and having done many start-ups, I can tell you that the ones that have the greatest success are the ones that start with vision and passion for what I am doing. The greatest failures have come into play when the passion and vision have been ignored in exchange for making it all about money.

Once you are a millionaire, you are not guaranteed a seat at the table. You are required to maintain a love and passion for what you are doing if you expect to keep the money. I know this advice all too well.

For young people, the lesson is clear, keep your eye focused on your passion and for older people, keep your thoughts young and exciting, just like when you were growing up. Look at things through childlike eyes and you will find the opportunities to become a great success.

You just might be able to become the next multi-millionaire, allowing you to contribute to your benefactor of your choice, just like Mark Zuckerberg did when he gave $100,000,000 to the Newark, NJ school district.

Do you think that the government would have done that if they were in control of his money?

So with that being said, I think it is quite worthwhile for us to take a minute or two and read the article that inspired this post. You can check it out at Yahoo “How to be a Millionaire by Age 25”