Membership sites are a great way to make money online. They are also a great way for a serial entrepreneur like me to teach others what it really takes to do startup businesses no matter what you’re specializing in.

This will be my first real membership site and I’ll be using the Wishlist Member plugin for WordPress. I’ve chosen Wishlist because it comes highly recommended and is used in membership sites that I’ve been on.

I’m anticipating the launch of my new membership site fairly quickly. I want to start out with a low entry level price, and then raise it as I gain members and build out content. I want to make it such a darn good deal that you would be a fool not to join. I also want to make sure that when you pay your membership fee, you’re getting real value that you can put to work right now.

I’m going to be selective about who I invite at first to become a member. I will expect to get great feedback from those participating so I can keep working to make the site the best it can be for current and future members.

Even though I’m limiting membership to a few certain people at first, I still plan on reviewing my progress on my blog, allowing others to learn how Wishlist Member can benefit them. If you decide to build your own member site, Let me know, I would welcome you into my membership site as a launch member.

The tools that I’m using include hosting at Rochen Performance Hosting, WordPress with Genesis installed on top of it. I haven’t decided what Child Theme I’ll be using because they have over 30 styles to choose from. I let you know that later. Lastly, again, the membership plugin I’m using is Wishlist Member and I’ll be running my transactions through PayPal for simplicity.

Make sure that you sign up for my site updates if you wish to keep up with the progress on the membership site.