Today, I'm off to Chicago where I will spend time at Shareasale learning more about how I can take my online marketing strategy to the next level. After that, I'm off to the Affiliate Summit Meetup, where I'll connect with Affiliate Marketers, hopefully making some new alliances.

I enjoy this trip because I spend time listening to podcasts in the car on the way in. It takes me about four hours, so I am primed and pumped to learn as much as I can.

Having the opportunity to talk with the experts at Shareasale for the afternoon will be beneficial. I will show them what I'm doing for my strategy and they are sure to suggest ways that I can increase my audience, put offers into my material and bottom line, help me sell more to make more.

What's interesting is most networks are willing to spend time with Affiliate Marketers at no matter what level you are. They have to see promise in your ability, but that doesn't mean that you have to have a big audience to capture their attention. If you listen, they will connect with you.

I think that's why Shareasale has given my the time in the past. They know that I listen, that I pick up on strategies and that I work to make them happen.

If you get a chance to attend a meetup, do so. They are great ways to make connections with people that will help you, even if you don't know anything at all.

Learn something at your first event, take it away and then come back to the next event and show that you have executed on your plan. They will pay attention when you do.

I will be looking forward to writing about my visit to Shareasale and the Affiliate Summit Meetup  in Chicago. It's going to be a great day!