Why don't we spend more time thinking about maximizing productivity?

At one point or another, we all say we want to improve productivity. But we bury the thought when it comes time actually to take action.

We have a false belief that getting organized and scheduling our time will take away from our ability to get things done.

Making appointments restricts what we can do in business, but imagine setting specific timelines for our personal activities!

How dare we think about scheduling our family time? We need to be flexible givers to be the best for our loved ones, right?

Wrong! And, yet I find myself not following a plan that I know works. How incredibly frustrating because if I just followed a plan that I've used several times before, free time and available money will suddenly become available.

Maximizing Productivity Requires Discipline and Support

The difficulty is developing the discipline to get through the cleaning and clearing stages allowing us to categorize and file everything from paperwork to our thoughts.

This strategy requires deep cleaning from your basement to getting out what is in the back of our minds.

This problem makes me think of all the homes facing flooding this week. Numerous homes had personal possessions from basements sitting in the front yard, waiting for the sort job of a lifetime.

That's what we all need to be doing even though we're not facing an actual flood in our homes.

Maybe then, we will do what is necessary to get the free time and the money we all deserve?

I'm taking, this time, to go back through and do what I've done before, allowing myself to get organized, improve efficiency and welcome freedom both in time and finances.

Join me, and let's empty our inbox, organize our possessions, and take control of our schedules so that we have more free time, and gain financial independence in our daily life.

I need your help, and you need mine so that we will stay on track and achieve our goals. Let me know that you are on board, and let's reap the rewards together! Are you on board?