Eric Nagel, Todd Farmer and Tricia Meyer talked about their Mastermind group during Affiliate Summit West 2012. I missed the session in Vegas, however, with the right pass, which I had, I'm able to watch the session on video.

This is the first video that I've watched, in the series and stopped after seven minutes because I got so much. I decided to come back after I did my work.

I'm finishing the video now, and I'm ready to find a couple of people to form a Mastermind group. I'm thinking two other people, they say you can do up to four.

Unlike other people who do “Mastermind's”, this group tells you not to charge any fees for the Mastermind. You have to come into this deal with no intentions to get the most out of it.

I think that's been the biggest issue with other groups I've been in except one The last one that I participated in  had four people, we were just in different places and we didn't blend well.

I can't wait till I go to New York City for the next Affiliate Summit Event. Before then, I'm going to check all the videos and have my checklist ready for the event.