Marc Ostrofsky, the guy who sold the domain for 7 million dollars gave Sunday's keynote at Affiliate Summit East. He added on that he sold another domain at the same time for an even bigger amount. That is he sold  for over 10 million making his take over 17 million dollars. Not bad for a domain name!

Marc talked about the importance of Entrepreneurs and his book Get Rich Click, a book where he talks about all the different ways you can monetize online.

He pointed out that we are still on the forefront of growth in the industry. Even the most experienced people can't begin to imagine what we're going to see in the future.

He also discussed working trade shows going to the competition booth to learn everything that you can discover about them. He actually gets more business done at the trade show outside of the booth then he does inside the booth. He tells his key people to work the room, go to the parties and talk to people.


Marc has setup a booth to interview Internet Guru's and Entrepreneurs at the Affiliate Summit. He's doing a video on interesting start up  stories and plans to turn it into a TV show. Could it be the next reality show?


I stopped over at the booth and did an interview with David Gardner of Razor Media Group, Marc's company.