Making the right connections in the industry makes being face to face with the leaders of your industry necessary, even in online marketing. It might even be more important to be at places like the Affiliate Summit where some of the greatest minds in the industry engage in conversation and make incredible deals.

I introduced a new strategy to certain people at Affiliate Summit, and not only had my idea validated but actually engaged people in ideas that stretch my original concept. I'm not worried about one of them stealing my idea, they just got more enthused about what they are doing. In fact, instead of stealing my idea, they began to think how they can work with me to enhance their business.

That makes what I'm doing even more exciting because these people are interested in helping me create and promote my business without having a piece of the pie, but instead connecting their business with my business to grow both businesses. That's flat out cool!

If you're into online marketing, you need to be attending Affiliate Summit. If you're asking questions about how to monetize your site, the place you discover how is at the Affiliate Summit. No other place is so open and welcoming to industry newcomers.