The Mainstream Media is the new Modern Day Tabloids, putting National Enquirer type stories right on their home page of their websites. No longer do you need the National Enquirer type tabloids for entertainment and gossip.

These so-called media professionals chase the celebrities and politicians around twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week instantly broadcasting what they are doing. People eat this up, but the media has increased the want to devour the story by now seeking out private individuals and making stories out of their situations.

Even  private citizens are subject to the media spotlight, some willingly, while others not so willingly.  They find themselves involved in controversial issues having a simple life in the morning and finding themselves on the cover of media outlets in the afternoon.

Media Producers no longer debate on holding back stories based on ethics, instead they are searching for the latest breaking news around the clock. They salivate for a story that they can break before it spreads on Twitter and that often leaves them with only minutes to make decisions.

A perfect example of the mainstream media takeover of the tabloid markets is the bathroom photos of Whitney Houston’s hotel room. The minute the photos become public, the media rushes them online and spread by media outlets. The press is not concerned about showing the photos because if they don’t someone else will and they want the audience.

The only way this will change is when we as a society become bored with Reality TV and want to return to the dream, the fantasy of what’s possible. Technology has us in a place where we have so much information coming at us that we don’t know which way to turn and we’re willing to try to absorb every last piece of it.

Tell me, do you agree that the Mainstream Media is the Modern Day Tabloid?