I've thought about buying a MacBook for some time now, but have resisted the temptation because I felt like I was going to the dark side. A few months ago, I finally did it, buying the MacBook Pro 13″ laptop to replace my 7 year old unit.

I did most of my work on a PC I built earlier in the year, that has 16 Gigabyte of ram with a gigabyte video card. That machine screamed, but the old laptop was just too inconvenient and needed replaced.

The MacBook Pro came with 4 Gigabyte of ram, which I immediately upgraded to 8 Gigabyte. It didn't take but a day, and I switched to using the MacBook Pro full time. I decided to add the Thunderbolt 27″ monitor which is crystal clear and easy to read. My eyes are actually getting better due to less strain.

The kool-aid drinkers have said that the MacBook Pro doesn't lock up like the PC, but I've found that not so true. I've had it lock up a couple of times, nothing serious, but my last PC didn't have the same issues. Still, I'm quite pleased with the changeover and would make the purchase again.

The MacBook Pro and Thunderbolt monitor is pricey, but I think worth it. I added the wireless keyboard which is a tad narrow, but otherwise feels better than my previous Micorosft Natural Keyboard and the Magic Mouse is incredible, expensive but incredible. It's the best mouse by far I have ever used.

I spent time pricing everything, and was tempted to go PC again to save money, but found that buying through Amazon would save a couple of hundred dollars on the MacBook Pro with the Thunderbolt Monitor.

I've got the prime program which gets me second day shipping and has proven reliable via Amazon. Best of all, they ship the products direct from Amazon, making it easy to deal with returns and customer service.

Apple themselves sells products through Amazon Prime and sometimes at a better price than they are selling in their own store for.

If you move into the Apple Products, you'll have to let me know what you think.