Ryan “Cowboy” Ehmann passionately road into the Shark Tank looking for a deal with Lose 12 inches with any 12 workouts. He landed a deal with Daymond John, immediately following Lori Greiner's decision to pass.

Lose 12 Inches optimizes your heart rate even in Shark Tank

Lose 12 inches is Ryan's workout software system that tells you the optimal heartrate workout. He Lose 12 Inches - Shark Tankclaims his system takes less effort and focuses on burning fat, not muscle. If your heart rate is too fast, you end up burning muscle instead of fat.

Season: 4 Episode 419
First Run: 2013/03/07
Sharks: Mark Cuban, Daymond John, Kevin O'Leary, Lori Greiner, Robert Herjavec
Company: Lose 12 Inches with Any 12 Workouts
Entrepreneurs: Ryan “Cowboy” Ehmann
Ask: $120k for a 25% equity
Deal: Daymond John at $120,000 for 25% equity

ENTREPRENEURS: Ryan “Cowboy” Ehmann
PITCH: Lose 12 Inches with Any 12 Workouts
ASKING FOR: $120k for a 25% stake

Cowboy Ryan Ehmann is a little bit too excited to a fault, but he does manage to tone it down without suggestion during the Lose 12 inches Shark Tank pitch. His enthusiasm grabs Daymond John's attention, and almost captures Lori Greiner.

Ryan developed Lose 12 Inches during rehabilitation from a Rodeo injury that occurred while on the Pro circuit. The doctors told him that he would never ride again because of a lower back injury, but he came back after perfecting a controlled environment workout.

Lose 12 inches helped Cowboy Ryan to get his body fat down to an incredible 4.3%, and he won a championship on the pro rodeo circuit. He's even built an Ab building machine that sold a million dollars worth overseas.

What do the Shark Tank Investors say about Lose 12 inches by Ryan “Cowboy” Ehmann?

Mark Cuban believes Ryan is great at training people, but he's out because he doesn't quite get Ryan himself.

Daymond John is in, but not before hearing out all the rest of the Sharks. Daymond gives him precisely what he's asking for, even though he offered up more percentage to Robert Herjavec. Daymond didn't even think about asking more; he is in because of Ryan's infectious personality.

Lori Greiner wants to be his Cowgirl that makes the sales for his system, but she wants the proof that it works and she's not quite satisfied, so she goes out.

Cowboy Ryan works hard to get Robert Herjavec in on the deal. He thinks Ryan is infectious. But, Robert goes out because he just can't get comfortable with the deal.

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