Long term keyword phrases capitalize on traffic neglected by those looking to tackle a primary keyword and aren't willing to put in the effort to building an online brand.

Write the long term keyword phrase into your website and watch consistent traffic appear on a daily basis, and a captured audience as well.

Long term keyword phrases get you focused

Long term keyword phrases allow you to focus your article on a particular topic. This targeted phrase needs to reflect what you're sharing on your site so that the reader is captivated and encouraged to return to your site for other ideas and solutions.

One of my post popular posts, “Magic Mouse Loses Bluetooth Connection – Fix.” fails to reflect the current content on my site, which is a negative, but over time, will come into alignment with what I am offering on this website.

Linking other topics connected to the Magic Mouse post will strengthen the value of the article provided I am focused on problem-solving subjects, which is a passion of mine, but until as of late, something I've not shared.

We all know the phrase, “Go for the low hanging fruit,” well, the three to five keyword phrase accomplishes this task. It's not a traditional strategy in anything anyone utilizes in building business models but is a strategy I've capitalized on throughout my entire life.

The long term keyword phrase worked to create sites garnering over 100,000 page views in less than ninety days with trending topics, and it's created consistent views over time with cornerstone content.

Don't forget the opportunity to generate revenue from your three to five keyword phrase articles. I do this by offering the fix for the Magic Mouse first, and then suggest an even better solution, upgrading to the newer version, the rechargeable Magic Mouse.

Long term keyword phrases produce results for your goals in both short and long term strategies, making this a solution that gives you satisfaction and an opportunity to generate passive income and make money online!

Why not give it a chance and see how this strategy will work for your site?