Two frames of mind, do you go with link bait (writing about hot topics that will get people to visit but may not have interest in your primary topic), or staying on topic and building your traffic slowly?

Linkbait can get you a ton of traffic fast, but it doesn't necessarily convert into money. In fact, it's not likely to convert into a loyal reader unless your blog is 100% about the linkbait topic.

A great example is a post I wrote about Orange County Choppers. It gets a ton of traffic but is totally worthless when you look at the big picture.

If I stay on topic, I get far fewer readers, however, I'm getting readers that are able to use specific information and appreciate the value. Over time, this builds, if, posts are consistent.

Lately, I've been sporadic on my posts and this has cost me much traffic. If I would consistently blog daily, I would be getting traffic regularly. Of course, you always need to post quality content to the site.

The bottom line is that the most profitable posts are on blogs that update their content often, essentially daily. They have unique content, and they stay on topic.

Want to build solid traffic? Post quality content daily and watch it grow over time…. Want to build quick traffic that has little to no value? Use link bait to get people who won't come back.

The proof is in the pocketbook.