Just over twenty years before, I bought my first computer on a Friday night, logged in and started work on my first website. Within an hour, I had a name (LimoLink) and began listing every limousine company in the world in a single directory.

Ironically, I reside approximately a block away from where I began my work on my greatest creation in business. How similar are the times to back then?

There's always something working in my mind, some form of a creative idea that is just dying to get out and become reality. Eventually, they come out and end up being owned by someone else as I move on towards other endeavors, as I believe I'm destined to be in a particular place for only a short period.

How I crave to settle into a permanent place in life, and yet it never happens, I can not tell you why? It's just not in my deck of cards, but there comes a time when you have to accept who you are, and what you have.

I've learned more about myself in the last couple of years then I have in my entire life, and yet, in the last few months I've learned more about myself than in the last couple of years!

Now I'm faced with more questions than ever, and my best course is to let what comes my way, be what my life is until I find that moment when everything starts to make sense.

It is so incredibly amazing that I find myself where I was twenty years ago, and yet so far ahead. Does that mean that the next two decades will be something spectacular? I don't know, but my goal is to make each day as valuable and incredible as possible going forward. I'm running out of time to enjoy every minute of my life, no matter what may come my way!

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