How many people do you know say they sure wish they could win the lottery, but never buy a lottery ticket? I'm not telling you to run out and buy a lottery ticket, but I'm making the point that if you don't put yourself in a position to get lucky, you never will.

Sometimes I have an extremely difficult time writing articles for this site. I will go for hours while I rewrite everything over and over again, and then other times I can't stop myself. This usually happens after I have spent considerable time trying to get the first article done and out, when all of a sudden, the ideas just pour out of my mind.

Don't think that I'm disciplined as I should be, I'm far from it, but I do know that the only way I'm going to make it big is taking the time to do the research. When I do, I know that the rewards will come. The payday will be there and I just keep telling myself how it has worked every time before. That's when something will happen that I declare to be a luck moment and everything comes together.

Every time I set down to research and write an article, I'm taking myself one step closer to making yet another opportunity produce huge results. I'm using my writing to reinforce my research and to continually build a stronger foundation.

You have an incredible opportunity right now, by creating your own blog. Put your own research into the blog and then you'll open the door to getting lucky, just like I am. You can do it online, or create a document on your computer that you keep private.

Remember, you have to put yourself in the right place to leverage luck and find your niche.