When I’m in Vegas, a place I head to is Pink’s Hot Dogs on the outside of the Miracle Shops at Planet Hollywood. I’m there to chow down a Pastrami Burrito dog, which is loaded with pastrami,chili, cheese, onions and three of Pinks incredible foot long hot dogs.

Recently I was there for Affiliate Summit West 2011 (had lunch at Pink’s three times) and connected with a fellow blogger from the east coast who’s blog is all about the hot dog business. He focuses on writing only about original shops and stays away from discussing the bigger chain shops.

I had hoped that I would connect with him again before the conference was over, but we didn’t run into each other so I decided to do a post and share my thoughts instead. I hope he reads my thoughts and offers comments.

I believe that he would add a major benefit to everyone that reads his blog along with the vendors he’s trying to support and ultimately himself by including reviews of the major chains. This would be an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) advantage by taking advantage of the strong brand names and comparing them to the smaller guys brands who hopefully have better dogs….

Show me the local vendor who has an equal or better product compared to the major chain and I’m on my way to get it from the local guy. After all, I love a great hot dog and I love entrepreneurs!

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