The Amazon affiliate marketing program brought some surprising lessons recently. I've never participated, thinking that it wouldn't do well. I've been proven wrong. It's been doing great.

About half of the sales on Amazon are for products other than what I've linked too. I'm guessing readers click on the link to do more research and end up making a compulsive buy and something else that is cross-marketed on Amazon.

That gave me an idea… What if I did some cross-selling with other affiliate programs? Would I end up selling more? I'm going to experiment and see what happens.

This is an exciting discovery and has potential to create significant revenue. On some posts I expect able to double what I've previously made using the Amazon find by cross-selling other products and services.

The Amazon findings come from about 150,000 page views of data. I've run 100% in text advertising “text links” that go to specific products inside the Amazon Affiliate Program. Realize that the links for the most part have been in other blogs, where people are searching for specific items.

If you've had great results with Amazon, let me know. What works for you?