Should we spend less time blogging?

There’s a huge argument about how much time a blogger spends writing and posting.


Many argue that bloggers should post less, just more quality content. Others will argue that more content is better, even if the quality suffers somewhat.


Some bloggers say, if you want your readers to click on advertisements, you should write bad content.
They might be right!


That would explain all the crappy blogs that exist, piled with advertisements.


Some of the most popular bloggers don’t post everyday. Does that mean we should spend less time blogging?


Did I mention that they have thousands of posts in their blog?


When you have that much content, you likely don’t need to post everyday, but if you’re working to build a loyal audience, you have to keep your readers engaged, otherwise they are going to quickly leave you.


Let’s face it, you first have to build a reputation and an audience who can’t wait to read your next post before you can blog at will.


Anybody that has built a highly successful business knows that in order to build brand, you have to reach saturation in the marketplace.
How can you reach saturation in the marketplace blogging only occasionally?


What if the twenty-four hour news stations sporadically came on air?  Are you telling me that everyone would readily keep checking to see when more news came out? I didn’t think so.


If we want our blogs to become popular, we have to constantly be giving our readers something new. We haven’t earned the luxury to blog occasionally.


My answer to spending less time blogging is a definitive no. We have to spend more time blogging and building on our brand, especially when we have yet to completely cover our topics of choice.


Experts have everything the other guys have plus their own original content.  Do you have everything they have, plus your original content?

Bottom line… We need to give our readers the Ah, Ha! Moment!

I don't think we should spend less time blogging! What about you?