Lemonade Stand Busted For Health Risk Concerns

A local four year old girls has been busted for running and illegal Lemonade Stand in Coralville, Iowa. The city sited unsanitary health reasons with other people selling food and drink products during RAGBRAI.

RAGBRAI is an event that The Des Moines Register puts on and is a bike ride going from one side of the state of Iowa to the other side over the course of a week.

Coralville Police shut down the Lemonade Stand when the young girl failed to produce a permit to have a vending booth inside the city limits. So is this more about having a permit, or is it about sanitary reasons?

Obviously, it's about the permit, but what if she had gone to the city to get a permit before the event? Would the city have said that a four year old couldn't have a permit because she was too young?

What I would like to know is who was the Einstein that busted this girl? Can you imagine how low you would have to be to go up to a four year old girl and tell her that she couldn't sell Lemonade?

Do you really want your tax dollars making sure that four year old girls don't open up a Lemonade stand to sell a few glasses over an afternoon?

Prosperity is under attack in our country. We have people that will stop at nothing to prove that they can control everyone else.

Some people might think that the father has the Lemonade stand as the four year old is too young, but I don't believe that to be the case. I'm quite confident that while the father setup the stand and made the Lemonade, The four year old is doing work right along and getting all the proceeds from the stand.

What's your thoughts on this?